The Med-RAS project is a joint initiative between the IUCN Mediterranean Marine and Species Programmes. The aim of Med-RAS is to identify priority habitats and species to be managed and protected in the Mediterranean Sea. This is achieved by defining a science-based standardized methodology to identify and map important ecological and biodiversity areas for establishing a coherent and representative network of Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas.

Med-RAS is designed so as to meet knowledge and management needs and support a coordinated approach for the protection of the Mediterranean Sea. An emphasis on knowledge transfer and information accessibility mechanisms will allow developing countries to use this synthesized information with ease for the conservation and management of their marine resources. Med-RAS builds on existing data and uses the global IUCN networks of scientists, policy-makers and managers to ensure management and conservation needs are represented and met. This project is a vital first step towards a broader process in order to ultimately reach nationally implemented conservation activities.